The liturgical texts and musical settings of Advent are among the most profound, uplifting and sustaining of the church year. This year, as we feel more than ever the need for light in darkness, we in BC and many other places are not able to gather in our churches to begin the church's new year and the journey toward the Nativity together. At the same time, technology opens windows to hear the familiar words in new and traditional settings, across time and space. Advent is here. Christmas is coming. Emmanuel - God With Us. Here are just a few of those windows into the readings and music of Advent Sunday:

Services from St Dunstan's and around the Diocese of British Columbia (Vancouver Island): 

Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria

Waiting Time Service - St Paul`s Cathedral, Kamloops

Advent readings and prayers at home with Keith and Kara of Henry Budd College, via the Council of the North

Procession with Carols for Advent Sunday, St George's Cathedral, Kingston ON

Advent: Celebrating Christ, The coming King - All Saints' Cathedral, Nairobi, Kenya 

Advent Carol Service - ChristChurch Cathedral, Christchurch, New Zealand

Church at Home: Online Holy Communion Service for Advent Sunday - St Andrew`s Cathedral, Singapore

St George`s Cathedral Cape Town, South Africa

Advent Carol Service - St Paul`s Cathedral, Melbourne, Australia

St Mary's in the Lacemarket, Nottingham (UK) - audio only

Readings and carols for the First Sunday of Advent - Chapel Choir of Selwyn College, Cambridge (UK)

Advent Procession with Carols - Ely Cathedral (UK)

First Sunday of Advent Online Service - St Martin`s in the Fields, London (UK)