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Image by Vlad Indrei from Pixabay

Isn’t it interesting to be on the receiving end of news that change is necessary? And isn’t that different from being the one bearing the news? It’s not quite the same to change when you pick up and move somewhere new, as it is when you consider another way right where you are. Because what that involuntary shudder of dread is really about, is self-protection. And when there is talk about disrupting any of the precarious balance that allows my own self to get by day by day, hold it all together, and hopefully somewhat look like I know what I’m doing, then all of a sudden my inward self feels a lot like that old 1980s Jenga block-stacking game, and also it feels like a lot of the blocks are already missing and it could really just be a matter of one more block being taken from one place and put somewhere else that could see the whole thing crash to the ground.

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