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To members of the diocese;


On Thursday, June 3, 2021, I received notice that Archbishop Lynn McNaughton has, pursuant to canon law, formally inhibited Bishop Lincoln Mckoen from performing any of the duties of his office as bishop of the Territory of the People while allegations of sexual misconduct are being investigated. There is due process in the church, and he will have the support he needs to answer these charges. There are no criminal charges in this case. A public letter from the primate, dated June 1 can be found on the Anglican Church of Canada website.

If you receive any media inquiries regarding this matter, please do not engage. Such inquiries can be directed to Archbishop Lynne McNaughton, metropolitan. 

Please pray for the alleged victim and their family. Because +Lincoln is a former priest of this diocese, I ask you to pray for the people of his former parishes: Christ Church, Alert Bay, and St Peter, Campbell River. Please also pray for the people of the Territory of the People. Finally, please pray for Lincoln and Tanya Mckoen.

A revelation like this can evoke memories of past trauma, often unrelated, but sometimes related to what is alleged. There are resources in this diocese to provide support and care and eventual redress for anyone who has been injured by a clergy person. All sexual misconduct complaints should be directed to our canon pastor, Dyan Davison at [email protected] 

God’s peace,    

The Right Rev. Anna Greenwood-Lee 

June 11: a further public letter from the Primate on