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The Anglican church in Beirut sustained damage from the blast. Photo:

"Anglicans and other Christian organizations are sending prayers and financial support to Lebanon, a country with a significant Christian population, after a massive explosion erupted Aug. 4 in the city of Beirut—another blow to a nation already veering toward a humanitarian crisis.


"In response, religious aid organizations—including Anglican groups—have leapt to raise funds and contact partner organizations in Lebanon and the surrounding area.

"The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) is accepting donations to provide assistance to victims of the explosion.

“'As first responders dig through the rubble and as fires continue to burn, we have reached out to our partner in the region, the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC),' said PWRDF in a statement. 'MECC has responded with thanks for the expression of solidarity and the prayers, and shared that what has happened in Beirut cannot be expressed in words. Many are still missing and many will die due to critical injuries sustained in the blast. Tens of thousands have lost their properties, and hospitals, schools, universities and clinics have been badly damaged. It is even more trauma for people to absorb in the midst of many economic and political challenges, in addition to the impact of COVID-19.'

"As of August 8, PWRDF announced, donations made through the fund will be matched dollar for dollar by the Canadian government."

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