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“Our new vendor puts us in a position to work …much more closely with their customer service team to make sure that everyone’s happy,” says Alicia Brown, the church’s lead for social media and projects. Photo: Contributed.

New e-store expected to mean better service for Canadian Anglicans

The Anglican Church of Canada has a new online bookstore—and ordering books and other resources should be faster and easier as a result, the church staffer tasked with managing the switch to the new e-store says.

On Aug. 4, the church switched from its previous distributor, Paris, Ont.-based Parasource, to a new partner, Gilmore Global, based in Kanata, Ont.

The church’s arrangement with Gilmore will see it more involved in customer service than it was with Parasource— which should mean a more seamless ordering experience, says Alicia Brown, communications manager for the Anglican Church of Canada.


“We’re just trying to be a little bit closer in resourcing Anglicans effectively, having that direct communication with them,” she says. “I think that was sort of a disconnect for us in the past.”


“We now have a website that is dedicated only to our resources, and we can put front and centre the materials that Anglicans are looking for,” she says. “I’m really excited about that.”

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