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image: The Anglican Church of Canada's map of Canadian dioceses and provinces, from (modified to highlight the Diocese of Rupert's Land)

In the week of 16 August 2020 and...

In the week of 15 August 2021 in the Anglican Church of Canada's cycle of prayer, we pray for the clergy and people of the Diocese of Rupert's Land, and their Bishop, Geoff Woodcroft.

This diocese is one of 10 in the ecclesiastical province of the same name.

From the diocesan website: "The Diocese of Rupert’s Land is home to approximately 12,000 Anglicans registered on Parish rolls, worshiping in seventy-six parishes and three missions. Twenty-eight parishes and three missions are found within the city of Winnipeg.

"The history of the Diocese extends back to the fur trade and Red River Settlement. It is rooted in a long-standing partnership between Aboriginal peoples and European traders and settlers. Rupert’s Land is where you will find the earliest churches in Western Canada.

"Located in southern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario, the Diocese of Rupert’s Land is bounded on the south by the U.S. border and extends north into the Interlake Region past Fairford. The western boundary reaches into the Pembina Hills and includes Portage la Prairie. On the east the diocese stretches to Sioux Lookout/Atikokan."

Here is an introduction to the history of the diocese.

The diocesan cathedral is St John's in Winnipeg, but Rupert's Land also contains another cathedral, St Alban's in Kenora, formerly the see of Keewatin (dissolved 2015). Take a virtual tour of St John's here!

St John's Cathedral, Winnipeg, from the air

Cathedral of St John in Winnipeg, from

The diocesan newsletter is the Rupert's Land News, available here.