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The Anglican Church of Canada's photo calendar for 2021 is now available to order.

The theme of the calendar this year is "Homecoming". An excerpt from the back cover:

"We love these places for the memories they hold, for the lives that have passed through them…. In 2020, we were away from them for a long time. And though that didn’t prevent our serving and celebrating in new and vibrant ways, many of us felt something like the longing of the Babylonian exile… And there was, in the end, a homecoming."

Here is a sneak preview of the photos:

For more information, visit

In past years, there has been a bulk order at diocesan level. This is not happening this year, so we are on our own. We need to order at least 10 copies as a parish to get free shipping (cost $5 per calendar) and at least 20 to receive the bulk discount as well ($3.75 per calendar).

Please email Anna this week if you would like one or more calendars; the order will be sent at the end of next week (4 September). We won't be ordering extras this year, because of the lack of the usual opportunities to browse and buy after services, etc, so do send your request. Payment and delivery options will appear in the newsletter once we know the total ordered.