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We tried to wait out COVID, but it seems the party must go on! 

Before COVID came upon us in March 2020, we had planned a large retirement celebration for Bishop Logan for the end of April, but we unfortunately had to cancel the event.

As we begin to ease into the fact that this pandemic-life is around to stay for a while, we’re applying some creativity to how we celebrate and say thank you to Bishop Logan for his ministry and years of service to the diocese.

With +Logan as our special live-streamed guest, we’ll take everyone on a journey that will include photos, music and special messages from folks across the diocese.

To contribute, contact your parish office to see what arrangements are being made...

and then tune in on the website or on Facebook.

The Bishop’s Purse

As is customary in the Anglican church when celebrating the retirement of a bishop, the diocese is collecting a “purse” to express our gratitude to Bishop Logan for his years of dedicated ministry.

Due to restrictions by the Canada Revenue Agency, all contributions must be made DIRECTLY to Bishop Logan and cannot be received or transferred through the diocese or your parish.

All contributions must be received before October 16, 2020. An envelope containing the contributions, with the total amount written on the front, will be presented to Bishop Logan at the live-streamed event to be held on October 23, 2020 at 7:30pm.

To contribute by personal cheque, please fill in the “Pay to:” as follows: Logan McMenamie

Then, mail the cheque to the synod office at: Anglican Diocese of British Columbia 900 Vancouver Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3V7

*IMPORTANT*: Cheques MUST be written to “Logan McMenamie”. If the synod office receives a cheque written out to the diocese, it will be returned to the sender. If you wish to contribute a cheque anonymously, we suggest sending a bank draft.